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15 Awesome Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

An awesome dad needs an awesome gift, right? Shopping for men isn't easy! Especially if you're looking for something cool and also trying to keep a budget in mind. We've chucked together 15 awesome gift ideas for Father's Day that won't break the bank. Don't worry, you can thank us later!
1. Novelty Desk Signs - $21.95
Have a laugh and add some fun to Dad's desk with these novelty desk signs!
Available in 5 different sayings:
- Manager of Looking Busy
- Director of Unnecessary & Special Projects
- Workaholic Looking Down on Those With A Life
- Fixer of Everything
- The Borrower Items Will Be Returned (When Asked)
The perfect Father's Day gift for Dad's who see the funny side of life!  
Also known as whiskey stones. These freezable, reusable ice cubes are the perfect add-on gift to the bottle of whisky you got dad! The main benefit is being able to enjoy your drink without having to dilute it with water, like traditional ice cubes. The stainless steel material won't rust or corrode and holds a cold temperature incredibly well. These ice cubes are tasteless, non-toxic, cools your drink down quickly, and are easy to clean.
Also available in footballs! 
3. 16 Piece BBQ Tool Set - $49.95
Such a handy set all kept together in a neat little case! Great for the dad who loves camping or the backyard entertainer, just grab your case and you're good to go!
This multi-tool is the perfect gift for the DIY dad or tradie dad! It's a ballpoint pen, stylus, flathead screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, spirit level and 4 rulers. A sturdy little device, made with strong aluminium. Packaged in a gift box. 
From a cold beer to a dash of tea, you need somewhere to place your drink in-between sips. Why not have fun with it! 
6. Rad Dad Hip Flask - $29.95

Leave the bottle at home and take just what's needed in one of these polished stainless steel hip flasks. The round, free standing hip flasks come complete with gift box. Each flask holds 235ml.


7. Willow Tree Father & Daughter Figurine - $64.95

Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters.









8. Rosdale Men's Hankies - $22.50

9. The Australian Oilskin Dilly Bag - $64.95

Another great gift for the camper dad, or the dad who works away! It’s lined with waterproof, Teflon-coated cotton to protect itself against any spills that may occur in travel. The inside is one large, versatile compartment for all dad's gear, and there’s a second compartment in the top flap to keep all his bits and bobs organised.

 10. Milleni Genuine Leather Wallet - $29.95

11. Glasshouse Candle, Cyprus - $44.95

Let's face it, men love things that smell nice, too! 

12. Music Journal - $26.95

Perfect for the musical dads, journal features lined left-hand pages for ideas and lyrics and staffed right-hand pages for composing music.


13. I'm Dead. Now What? Planner - $33.95

A funny, light-hearted way of dealing with some serious stuff!


 14. Pin Stipe 2in1 Umbrella Walking Stick - $34.95 

An umbrella featuring a unique walking stick handle in a wood like finish, with a ferrule (the little rubber cap that sits on the end of a walking stick) so it can be doubled up as a walking stick!


15. KeyPsakes Keyrings - $17.95 

Presented in a classy matte black presentation box with black foil printing, these KeyPsake Keyrings are a thoughtful little gesture!



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