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Our Boho Photoshoot where The Sea meets The Vines

Under 50 minutes from the cbd, you turn off one of Adelaide's major main roads and onto a dirt road, where you will drive past a wildlife-rich river valley national park, to arrive at Tent on a Hill, Blewitt Springs. Arriving at the shoot location, we passed delightful arrangements of vintage tables and chairs situated around campfires in front of bell tents looking over a mesmerising landscape of rolling vineyards that meet the sea. It was the perfect location for our first bohemian photoshoot. 


We began shooting at golden hour, blessed with a dreamy sky to dance beneath. The dresses were brought to life, fulfilling their nomadic callings. I have always loved the timelessness of bohemian clothing. Perhaps it's because those that love the bohemian style love it with their heart and soul, it's these garments that never stray far from our wardrobes, even after the trends change. Mindfully curating your wardrobe is such a simple but important step towards slow fashion. A collection of garments that you've chosen with your heart will serve you and our planet far longer than an array of various clothing that you'll toss with the trends.  


I've also always loved bohemian clothing for it's versatility. Your casual traveller vibe can be switched up to festi-ready as easily as swapping the Doc's for an edgy pair of ankle boots, and the cosy cardi for a shearling jacket. This our first little collection of bohemian apparel, mindfully curated to serve the wearer who seeks to tread more lightly.

May you let your bohemian heart sing!   


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