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THE PLANT JOURNAL : Why Succulents Make The Best Gifts

Stuck on Christmas gift ideas this year? Everyone, (including me) is houseplant mad, they bring so much soul to a space. Living a busy lifestyle doesn't need to be a reason not to jump on this bandwagon, in fact houseplants make great antidotes to the urban hustle, reminding us to be patient and that nothing grows unless nurtured.   

Succulents, in particular, make awesome houseplants! For they are patient with us...you only need to water them about once a week, leaving plenty of time for summer road trips without returning home to plants looking as seedy as you do. 

Succulents last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers, and they're a lot more thoughtful than a bottle of wine (succulents are probably cheaper too). Win, win, & win!

We've got your succulent gift game sorted at Jorbella this year - what's a cuter, cost savvy gift than a Chinese Jade Plant / Money Tree in a Cat Planter for your friend that's always broke? Or an Aloe in a Sloth Planter to remind your stressed mate to chill out more?

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