Why You Need to Trim Your Wicks

Do your candles have a lining of black soot?

Are there bits of black wick that have dropped off into the wax?

This blog post is for you!

Your wicks are too long! The perfect length wick is 7mm.

Long wicks create larger, hotter flames which:

  • Leave your candle dirty by creating black soot that is released into the air

  • Wastes the wax by melting quicker (turning your $$ into soot!)

  • Causes the wick to ‘mushroom’ and drop off into the wax

This is Molly from @carterhomebuild on Instagram unboxing her new Circa Wick Trimmers!

We began chatting with Molly when she posted a photo of a beautiful new candle and asked if anyone else has the issue of finding their candles too pretty to burn!

We chatted about candle care & how Molly can keep her candles looking beautiful while using them. Molly hadn’t heard of wick trimmers before, but since receiving her pair, she believes that everyone needs to get their hands on some! 

This is the wonderful review Molly left for us:

Wick Trimmers make candle care super easy!

  • Designed to trim wicks to exactly 7mm - the perfect length!

  • Long handles that reach deep inside the candle

  • Achieve clean burns

  • Make the most out of your candle!!

Time to trim those wicks! 

Shop Wick Trimmers:

Glasshouse Wick TrimmerCirca Wick Trimmer
Left: Glasshouse Wick Trimmer - Right: Circa Wick Trimmer)

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